In the beginning there was the world record

Business operations began in 2006 during the project that was initiated to set the world record. On 2 September 2006 at 4:03 p.m., on the high-speed rail line between Ingolstadt and Nuremberg, the speed record for classic locomotives – which had been in existence for 51 years – was set at 357 km/h. The resulting entry into the Guinness World Records showed the initiators the enormous technical but also emotional potential of rail as a mode of transport. Thousands of people lined the track as the world record locomotive 1216 050 wrote railway and technology history at track kilometre 36.3. This was both reason and incentive enough to further develop the activities and transfer over to a limited company in 2010.

The company, based in Pullach near Munich, handles high-quality test and transfer runs for the rail industry. To do this, the company has specially developed assets. RailAdventure owns locomotives, coupling adapters and brake force wagons as well as its in-house developed and patented transport system Loco Buggy for the transport of vehicles with other track gauges. At our site in Braunschweig, RailAdventure operates a hotel for trains under the name “Zughotel”. Our permanently employed and mostly multilingual employees include specially trained locomotive drivers, technicians and test managers. RailAdventure GmbH is a member of the German Railway Industry Association (VDB).

The modern saloon car Luxon is available for the highest quality occasions.

RailAdventure GmbH has owned the former railway station building at Isartalbahnhof Großhesselohe since 2021 and has its company headquarters there. RailAdventure also operates its own brewery there under the name “Isartaler Bahnhofsbräu”.

Careers at RailAdventure

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The way our employees experience rail operations and its organisation is really rather special. Almost every run they do is a unique operational or technical case. This always throws up new challenges and issues, and is a constant learning curve. Through contact with the leading vehicle manufacturers as well as the regulatory authorities and network operators throughout Europe, our employees are in a central and unique position to carry out their duties. In an informal and familial atmosphere, they overcome challenges as a team. The very special services are provided to our clients by a highly motivated team comprising young colleagues and older, more experienced staff. The mix of a 24/7 rail operation and demanding project business poses the greatest challenge. Our staff work on classic old vehicles as well as the latest prototypes. We don’t get our handpicked employees through job advertisements; instead we’re delighted that they have been proactive in finding their way to us.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Every year, we take particular care to fulfil our social responsibility as a company. We have already supported people from various industries with a range of different projects. So, for example, we were able to make a big wish come true for one young boy suffering from cancer by letting him travel with us on a locomotive. Everyday life was made that little bit easier for a mother and her severely disabled daughter after we purchased them a special car. And with our special train at the World Blood Cancer Day, together with DKMS, we were able to encourage a great many people to register as a bone marrow donor.

Isartaler Bahnhofsbräu

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RailAdventure operates its own brewery called “Isartaler Bahnhofsbräu” at the historic Isartal railway station in the Pullach district of Großhesselohe. Trains on the Isartal railway ran from this station building from 1891 to 1972.
Where passengers once waited for their train, now sits the brewing kettles used to create our beers.
The “Isartaler Bahnhofsbräu” is a regional craft brewery. Beer is brewed naturally in the modern 5 hl brewing plant – without filtration or pasteurisation. This distinguishes our beer from industrial products and makes it particularly tasty, while also preserving beer’s cherished ingredients.


Model making

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Almost every day, we get enquiries from excited model railway enthusiasts, who want to replicate our vehicles. We are really pleased that model railway enthusiasts can get a piece of RailAdventure on their model railway or in their window. We enjoy working with model makers at our trade fair stands and have even run our model trains in exhibition halls in Turkey and Iran. We wish you lots of luck (or rather every success) in their execution and thank you for taking an interest in our vehicles, some of which are pretty unusual. To make the work easier, we have prepared some information for you below.




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Photo and film

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We are delighted at the keen interest shown by railway fans and photographers in our special vehicles and out-of-the-ordinary train information. You are therefore very welcome to send us your fantastic photos by email to

We apologise but due to the large numbers involved, we can’t answer any queries about journey times or vehicle rotations. We have made strict agreements with our clients with regard to secrecy, which we naturally wish to observe and respect. In special and exceptional cases, and after consultation with our customers, we will give out information about interesting photo opportunities on this website. It’s always worth having a look at

From the many photos on our website, you can see that we really enjoy seeing photos of our trains. When choosing the location to take your photo, however, please be mindful of the dangers of the railway operations and don’t take any risks just to get an “even better photo”. Please keep your distance from the track area. You will also be doing our locomotive drivers a favour if you put on appropriate high-visibility clothing as soon as you get close to the railway.