Interim Operator - railway operation before service with the final operator    

Delivery runs

Is your newly built train still to be licensed, and does it need delivering to the testing centre? Does that locomotive built for Saudi Arabia need to be delivered to the port for shipping?

Whether the matter involves exceeded profile specifications or non-standard coupling height, RailAdventure will deal with all legal matters relating to approval and licensing. We will also deliver your vehicle. We'll gladly do this overnight so that transportation doesn't mean losing a working day within your tight project schedule.

Your project managers can focus on their core business while we take care of transportation. We'll also gladly deal with customs clearance on your behalf. Naturally, we will protect your vehicle against graffiti. Photo documentation for your end customer or your press office is a task which we take for granted.

A specific contact person will provide you with information on the current location of your train at any time. 



2011 08 15 0339

2011 08 15 0339